Q&A with Artist Valerie Imparato

CultureHouse Harvard is home to a new piece of public art, created by Cambridge-based artist Valerie Imparato and funded by Cambridge Arts. We asked Valerie about her inspirations, her artistic process, and her hopes for her newest mural.

A lot of your artwork, including this mural, features women of color. Tell us a little bit about the goals of your work in general, and how this mural contributes to them.

Tell us about your choice of colors for this mural.

Some of the women that you portray in your other artwork also have skin that is composed of blues and greens, seemingly resembling the Earth’s surface. Talk a little bit about this motif in your artwork.

Tell us a little about the expressions on the faces and their gazes.

What does this mural mean to you, especially in light of the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement?

What are your thoughts on public murals and their impact on communities?

What do you hope that passersby in Harvard Square think and feel when they see your mural?

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