Q&A with “Signs of COVID-19” Photographer, Jeff Larason

“Signs of COVID-19” is a series of photographs on display in the windows of CultureHouse Harvard and online at cloud.culturehouse.cc/gallery. Prints are available with a $50 donation to CultureHouse, a nonprofit that creates pop-up community spaces in vacant storefronts. $25 of every donation will go to Black Lives Matter Boston.

What inspired you to choose signs as your subject for this series?

Tell us a bit about your process for capturing signs in a variety of cities. Was the process any different than shooting your previous work?

You play with reflection in most of your photos. Why did you make that choice?

How did you choose which photographs to put on display at CultureHouse?

How do you hope these photographs impact people who view them?

What thoughts or emotions do they spark for you?

Order your print at cloud.culturehouse.cc/gallery. Prints will be available for pickup or delivery after June 15th.

CultureHouse improves livability in local communities by transforming unused spaces into vibrant social infrastructure.