Spatial Justice and the Right to the City

Right to the city

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Spatial justice

Spatial justice is a complimentary idea to that of the right of the city. It comes out of the same strain of radical geography and a desire to connect space with justice. Edward Soja explains, analyzes, and contextualizes spatial justice in his 2010 book, Seeking Spatial Justice. Spatial justice is based on the fact that being a human and living life is a social, temporal, and spatial experience. Conceptualizing justice in this way is an attempt to recenter the spatial element in order to analyze the ways that our physical world enforces and produces injustice. One essential component is that development is uneven globally, regionally, and locally. Because of this, all the injustices we talk about in the context of a larger social justice movement are baked into the built environment we inhabit.

Steps for analyzing spatial inequality from
From the Memphis Bus Riders Union website



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